Amazon management services

Put our team of Amazon experts to work on your very own income-producing asset. Hands-free and 100% managed for you.

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Watch overview video

Watch overview video

Amazon profits on autopilot

Our experts populate your new Amazon store with top-selling products. When you make a sale, we do all the work and split the profits with you.

the process

How it works

the process

How it works


Set up your store

We guide the store setup for you. It’s as simple as creating an account and filling in your details.


Give our team access

Add your new account manager to your store so they can get to work making you money.


Watch your investment grow

View your private sales report or download the Amazon seller app to see every order – anytime, anywhere.

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the investment

Opportunity cost

You choose the startup program that works for you. Every client gets the same expert service and professional resources. If you can invest more at the beginning, you can get more of the profits later on.

the investment

Opportunity cost

You choose the startup program that works for you. Every client gets the same expert service and professional resources. If you can invest more at the beginning, you can get more of the profits later on.

$10,000 - one time

50% of monthly profits go to youInquire Now

$25,000 - one time

70% of monthly profits go to youInquire Now

$10,000 - one time startup cost

50/50 profit split
50% of monthly profits to you

$25,000 - one time startup cost

70/30 profit split
70% of monthly profits to you
Automated storefront

We manage your Amazon store for you and handle everything from A to Z, it’s 100% automated.

Order fulfilment

Your investment buys you a hands off business. We handle every customer order, email, refund... everything.

Dedicated manager

Each account gets its own manager, dedicated to your store alone. Call or Skype available any time of day.

Monthly sales reports

Detailed spreadsheets. View transactions for every order; fees, profit, ROI and more. Down to the penny.

100% Money back guarantee

We are so confident in our abilities, that if you don’t make your initial investment back in the first year, we will refund you 100% of your money in full. How’s that for assurance!

get answers to

Frequently asked questions

If this worked so well, why not just keep it all to ourselves?

You might have heard other companies saying ”Well Amazon only lets you have one account” but this is only partially true (and should be a red flag for their dishonesty). Amazon lets you have multiple accounts with permission, but the stores cannot be selling the same products. We have multiple accounts and you can too. You just have to abide by Amazon’s guidelines.

The real answer is math and competition. We make more money splitting the profit on many stores than taking all the profit on a few stores. Since Amazon has over 350 million products for sale and each store is selling different products, there’s really no competition. There’s more than enough to go around.

How does drop shipping work?

Our experts do extensive research to find top-selling products. We place those product listings on your store. When you make a sale, we use your credit card to place the order and ship it to the customer directly from our suppliers. Amazon reimburses you two weeks later, allowing you to cover any balance (and then some) on your credit card. Can you say free air miles travel!

Is drop shipping against Amazon's terms of service?

Drop shipping is not against Amazon’s terms of service when done correctly. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers and can provide invoices on demand.

Why do I have to pay a start up cost for the investment?

The one time startup cost has many reasons for being part of the business model. Partly that you have some “skin in the game” proving to us that you are a serious partner and are fully vested in the investment. Most importantly, your startup cost goes directly to funding the account manager that is dedicated to your account. Every manager gets their own new computer/monitor/office. This is a required expense to make your store run smoothly. When accounts get into $100k+ a month you could imagine there are a lot of tasks needing to be completed, and without error. Part of your startup cost goes to fund monthly software licenses to keep your account in perfect standing.

While we do profit a small amount from your initial startup cost, it is mostly directed back into the business to achieve higher growth. Also in the unlikely event of an account suspension, we hire attorneys that specialize in Amazon account issues. They are the best in the business and know in the ins and outs of Amazon politics. We are in this for the long haul, and you should be too.

Why do I need capital like a credit card for this to work?

Amazon only pays you every two weeks, so then how do customer orders get delivered right now? Well that’s where your working capital comes into play.

We use your available credit to fulfill orders and ship them to the customer directly from our suppliers, then Amazon reimburses you two weeks later. So we only spend money on your credit card when a sale on your store is made, then we split the profit.

How much capital do I need?

We recommend having at least $10-20k for the first 3 months. To run $100k in sales a month, we recommend having $40k+ in credit line/capital for this type of business. Since Amazon pays you twice a month, then mathematically you actually have access to double the amount of your credit limit.

How secure is my credit card information?

Our team does not have access to your full credit card information. I mean no one at all. We will have you yourself log into our supplier’s website and put your credit card details in your account. So when our team goes in to place an order from that supplier they will simply choose during checkout the card on file that you placed for that supplier. They will however (like all transactions online) need the 3 digit CVV code on the back of your card in order to successfully check out. We only order from reputable brands, brands you yourself have in your home right now. And those brands (just like all ecommerce websites) only show someone checking out the last 4 digits of the card on file. Even with the CVV this is not enough for anything to happen outside of your knowledge.

What If my account gets suspended?

In the unfortunate event of an account suspension, we hire attorneys that specialize in Amazon account issues. We do not charge anything extra for this service as it is an included service. Financially it is in both our interests to keep your store up and active. Our attorneys are experts in the Amazon world and know exactly how to handle any situation thrown at them.

Another company said they could get me margins of 20-50%!?

If you see anyone advertise anything above 15% it should be a huge red flag to you of their dishonesty and that they do not have your best interests at heart. We have been doing this for years and know what to expect. Profit margins are expected to be between 8-12% every month. Some months are little less and some are even better.

Won't the customer see their package arrive in a different box?

Yes. The customer will have made an order on your Amazon store and receive the product they ordered, but not in an amazon box. From our years of experience we’ve found that the customer simply does not care about the box or where it came from. Rather that their product they ordered has arrived.

get answers to

Frequently asked questions

Who is Intrepid Consulting?

Starting out, e-commerce was more of a hobby, working along side our 9 to 5 jobs. We dabbled in every type of Amazon business model; private label, wholesaling, exclusives. Until we started our drop shipping journey and had our AHA moment when it started to work. So well in fact we no longer had to report to a boss anymore. (well maybe our wives, but you know how that goes).

We started helping our family and friends get accounts set up and hired more managers to handle them. Now that we’ve tested every solution to every single issue and circumstance, we’re expanding our services to new investors who want to cash in on Amazon’s amazing success.

Now that our friends and family are making money, we’d like to extend that success to others.

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